Professional Podiatrists in Erie, PA

The medical professionals at West Ten Podiatry Centre, Inc. have been working with patients to provide the best foot and ankle care in the Erie area. Dr. Douglas M. Nelson and Dr. Chris L. Nelson's experience in podiatric medicine and surgery is coupled with genuine concern for their patients. Our goal is to provide exceptional foot and ankle care.

West Ten Podiatry realizes that your time is very valuable. To better serve you, West Ten Podiatry offers two convenient locations in the Erie area; Millcreek and Waterford. We also know that a long time spent in a reception area can be very frustrating. The staff at West Ten Podiatry strives to maintain a schedule that is prompt and courteous to meet your needs. We welcome you to call any of our locations to request an appointment or ask any question. Our office offers free phone consultations with one of the doctors on Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:00am until 10:00am.

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After a successful surgery and recovery, I have been able to return to all of my normal physical activities including officiating high school football, with full strength and mobility. Pain-free!!

John Hughes
Erie, PA
Toe Surgery
Erie Office
1326 Peninsula Drive
Erie, PA 16505
8am - 5pm (Monday to Friday)
Waterford Office
991 North Route 19
Waterford, PA 16441
1pm - 5pm on Mondays