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Bunion Treatment in Erie, PA

BunionsMost often found on the inner foot near the big toe, but sometimes located near the fifth toe, bunions are a painful and common condition caused by inflammation of the tissues. Sometimes bursa reside in the tissues near the great toe joint and is essentially a fluid-filled sac. The inflammation and thickening of the bursa can be seen with a problematic bone formation that forces the toe out of alignment and causes great discomfort.

If you are suffering from bunions, you are most likely familiar with the symptoms. Pain, redness and extreme sensitivity are to be expected as bunion growth progresses and the affected toe is pushed out of alignment. If allowed to progress, bunions can make it difficult to walk and eventually cause severe pain.

Bunions may be passed down from parents to children, which suggests that the shape and action of the foot may cause the condition. When proper alignment is not maintained while standing, walking and participating in athletics, the integrity of the joint may be compromised.

There are several viable treatment options available for bunions. Contact us today to begin the process of freeing yourself from the pain that comes with this condition.

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