Customer Testimonials

I am an auto technician and work on my feet all day. Out of the blue, I started experiencing arch pain that radiated around my heel and up the back of my foot. I called West Ten Podiatry and got an appointment the same day. Dr. Nelson ordered x-rays that were taken right in the office. Within minutes I got my diagnosis and treatment options. I have been going to physical therapy and my pain is almost gone completely. I would recommend West Ten Podiatry to anyone with foot problems.

Mark Hayes
Erie, PA
Arch Pain

Early in my adolescent years, I started developing a bunion on my right foot.  As I got older and began participating in school sports my foot became painful and uncomfortable.  Once I was an adult, my physical activities became greater in working out 3-4 days a week and officiating high school sports.  I noticed that my right big toe was starting to push underneath the 2nd toe beside it, causing increased pain, balance issues, and footwear difficulties.  Realizing the issue was getting worse, I decided it was time to see a specialist.  In the fall of 2017, I made an appointment with Dr. Chris Nelson at West Ten Podiatry Centre to explore my options.  After an examination and multiple x-rays, it was determined that I had several deformities on my right foot and I was at risk of dislocation for at least one of my toes.  On December 15, 2017, I had surgery consisting of a fusion of the right great toe, ORIF for the 2nd right MPJ and fusion of the 2nd right toe.  After a successful surgery and recovery, I have been able to return to all of my normal physical activities including officiating high school football, with full strength and mobility.  Pain-free!!

John Hughes
Erie, PA
Toe Surgery

I have been a patient of Dr. Chris Nelson since December 2004.

He was recommended to me by a close friend.

Over the years, he has treated me for ankle problems, foot pressure points, and foot surgery.

I am extremely grateful for Dr. Chris Nelson's professional expertise and surgery, his straightforward, open, and honest evaluations and treatments. He is a good listener and is always ready to talk through any concerns I may have or answer questions.

Dr. Nelson keeps me walking and in good condition. I celebrate each day that I can continue to navigate well - THANK YOU - Dr. Chris Nelson.

Sister Rosanne Loneck OSB
Erie, PA
Ankle Problems, Foot Pressure Points, and Foot Surgery

Have you really considered how important your feet are to your well-being? My life goals included feet that could carry me far and wide. I was not seeing that goal coming true without having a doctor treat them. A friend suggested Dr. Chris Nelson and it was the best suggestion I have received regarding a physician in a very long time. I went to see Dr. Chris and it was determined that I would need surgery on 4 of my toes that had a long history of aching and making it painful to walk. Dr. Chris clearly explained the procedure in understandable terms and assure me that all would be well. My surgery was scheduled on a Friday, and Dr. Chris provided ongoing support during the weekend. He gave us a personal contact number, which we did have to use on Sunday. He immediately knew what needed to be done to make me more comfortable and lessen the pain. Dr. Chris said he would call in an hour to check on me. He not only called in an hour but was emphatic and sincere in his concern for me. He insisted that we do not hesitate to call him if we needed anything at all and I believed him. Dr. Chris wanted to help. I face another surgery and I know that I am in good hands with Dr. Chris Nelson.

Ellen Beth Allison
Erie, PA
Toe Surgery